Dogs steal £33m from humans every year

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    British dog owners are being robbed by their canine companions - to the tune of £33 million pounds a year.

    New research commissioned by food manufacturer Bakers Complete found that nearly a quarter of the UK's dog population, representing around two million animals, are no more than thieves.

    The canny canines most frequently steal underwear from their owners - 74 per cent of pet lovers reported that their dog had nicked their knickers.

    However, around 11 per cent of the nation's pooches have more expensive tastes, regularly pilfering high-value items, such as cash and jewellery.

    While the research shows that dogs are competent thieves, frequently stealing items outside of the house, their owners are not much better.

    As many as 41 per cent of dog owners keep their pet's loot when they find it, rather than return it to its rightful owner.

    Animal behaviourist professor Peter Neville believes that dogs are not natural pilferers, so much depends on the values instilled in the canine and how easy it is for them to get hold of items.

    He goes on to say that stealing is often the action of a bored dog looking for entertainment.

    'More often than not, staging these "mini-heists" is a way for dogs to encourage family members to play with them and missing objects are quickly found,' he added.

    This research may come as surprise to many pet owners who assumed that their pooch was trustworthy.

    A recent study by Petplan found that 65 per cent of pet owners believe their animal is more reliable than their spouse.

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    Is this why the guys down the hood call each other dog?

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