Domain LAN and Wireless Internet issue on Windows 7 Pro x64

Hi Everyone

I have a problem that I simply cant get around. Its quite hard to define the problem with catchphrases to google a solution, and the strings I have used hasnt given me any fruitful results yet. So I will try here and hopefully one of you can guide me in the right direction.

Background and problem is as follows:

I used to have a Windows XP based PC that I used for work. My PC was joined to a domain with a pretty useless and strictly governed Internet access on the domain via a proxy. I had a ADSL line installed in my office, which my notebook accessed wirelessly, and I used this to browse the net and download drivers, updates, etc.

I am not very clued up on networking protocols and stuff, but my onboard wired NIC got a IP from DHCP on the domain, with its own gateway, and the Wireless NIC got a IP from the ADSL modem, with its own seperate gateway.

Our company uses McAfee Virusscan 8.7, and it worked fine with no blocks and stuff to inhibit me from using it.

I now got a new notebook, with Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I tried to get the same solution going on it, but no luck.

Before joining it to the domain, or even plugging in the wired LAN cable, I was able to connect wirelessly to the ADSL and run updates and stuff through it.

When I joined it on the domain, it picked up the domain settings and stuff in Network and Sharing Centre, and it connects to the Wireless network on the wireless NIC without conflicts and stuff, but I cant access the 'open' internet on Firefox or even in Internet Explorer if I remove the proxy settings.

If I disable the wired LAN NIC in Device Manager, I can access the internet just fine, so something happens when both network connections are active on Windows 7 that prevents me to access the Internet provided by the wireless connection.

I cant really get any answers on the net for this, cause its hard to describe it. I did however try to disable the Homegroup services in Windows 7, but this didnt resolve the issue.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated please.

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