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In my "wisdom" when faced with the news of multiple burgarlies in my area over Christmas, & I then had to leave the house unattended for most of Christmas Day, I determined to beat the beggars should they decide to try my house, and went and hid my brand new Win 7 discs!! Unfortunately and rather stupidly I didn't bother to make any note anywhere of where I put them, and now, months on, can't find them anywhere I would expect to have hidden them. Compounded by the fact that I took both discs out of the box (which I found ok) and presumably stuck them either into a CD case or whatever, but regardless, I've just NO idea what the heck I did with them. Sheer stupidity on my part in every sense, as I'm disabled with a raft of chronic pain conditions, so on narcotics (had hidden those too & almost didn't find them again either!), & have had this happen before when my memory's let me down, but not quite as badly as this.

SO while there's still a chance that I might yet find the discs, do I have any options open to me if I don't & want to reinstall Win 7 - come to that, am I as likely to ever need to reinstall Win 7 as often as I needed to my XP?? I'm just currently finding Win 7 now as slow as sludge and know XP always benefitted from a reinstall and nice clean system folder (at least until I bunged it up again). Would Microsoft be willing to provide me with new discs and/or a copy of my COA given the software was activated on installation or is that info held somewhere on my PC anyway so I could at least get that retrieved?

Just a bit of a scary dilemma as I truly could never afford to buy another copy (took me all last year to save for the original) & don't want to wait until something happens & I then don't have the software to enable me to reinstall.

Any suggestions??:confused:


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It's possible you could get a downloadable copy via Microsoft and DigitalRiver.
As for the fact that Windows 7 is getting slow, have you tried using two very simple tools?
Disk Cleanup & Disk Defragmenter.
Good luck finding the disks :D


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Quite agree, long as you have your SERIAL key you can get the actual data for the OS anywhere without much problem as the serial is the part you mainly pay for in the current distribution methods.


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Hah course wouldn't you know I hid the key somewhere too DUHHH - and know that's not something I can really seek help in doing much about publicly. I know in XP you used to be able to find your key on the PC somewhere but haven't hunted it down here yet. Not to worry - think I'll just have to find a local burglar and ask them to come & find it for me LOL!! Teach me to worry - next time I'll just let them have it as the insurance would at least get me another copy if need be - this way, I'm stuck if I can't figure out what I've done with it. The joys of a brain that just doesn't make connections properly any longer :( Thanks for your input anyway - least I know where to go to get the discs if need be - half the battle.

Ok - just found a "Product ID" under my Computer properties (where you'd go to activate it) - is that the COA?? At least if I can hold on to that I'd be happy to see if MS would fire me some new discs. NB - if you'd rather respond to this by PM please do - I don't want any info going up on my behalf that would assist those trying to bypass security etc. Tks again.

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Ahh - you're a GEM. I'd never have figured that one out until probably too late. NOW I'm 1/2 sorted at least - just waiting on MS to let me know about getting new discs but much happier :)) Thanks tons!


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No problem! :D

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