Windows 7 Done Everything but, Still Crashes? HELP! ty!


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(Long post, but need your help! I'm giving as much info as possible)

Hi, I've been waiting to upgraded to Windows 7 for a long time, and yesterday decided to bite the dust, and upgrade.

I was using Windows Vista 64-Bit Home Premium, and was told that I can get to Windows 7 using the upgrade feature during the installation. So I downloaded the RC1 version off the Microsoft website, got the beta key, installed it, everything was fine. When finished, it restarted, booted fine, got to the log in screen, and then I logged it.

However, this is were the problems start. I get a straight out "Windows Explorer" Crash. My background is black, and I have no taskbar, no icons, no right click.

Ctrl+Alt+Del, works fine, and I used the "Run" feature in the Task manager to open up my programs, such as Firefox, and so on, everything works brilliantly, I even managed to change the background, so it wasn't black.

I went into safemode, and everything is tehre, taskbar and all, all fine. So I wasnt quite sure if it was a major error.

Then I REDOWNLOADED the .iso file, burnt it, and did an UPgrade AGAIN, hoping that a reinstallation would work. Again, installation was perfect, but upon startup to the desktop, same error, Windows Explorer Crashed.

I've tried running explorer.exe via Task Manager's Run, but crashed the moment I pressed enter.

Since I was desperate, and out of ideas, I went into safemode, I used "Driver Sweeper" to clear my Nvidia display drivers, and then reinstalled the latest 185.81 Win 7 drivers, upon reboot, OMG it worked! Desktop was all ther fine and dandy, loved using Windows 7. So being quite happy with myself, I just wanted to make sure if it really was working, so I restarted. But unfortunately once it was rebooted, the Windows Explorer Crash, appeared again.

Does that mean I have to reinstall my Video drivers again and again?

I know this is a RC1 and still in beta, but so many people have got it to work.

btw My computer specs are:

CPU: i7 920
Mobo: Asus P6T Deluxe
RAM: 12GB Corsair PC-12800
GPU: GTX295 and GTX260+
PSU: Corsair HX-1000
Monitor: E2200HD

And I believe that is more than adequate for running Windows 7.

So what can I do? I do not want to do a CLEAN install, as I have WAY TOO many programs to reinstall. Hundreds. So I'm hoping for another work around.

So help?!

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long post!

EDIT: I did not backup my files unfortunately, but many have said it would be fine, and I've heard so much positive installations, so didn't think I would need it! =( So that means I can not do a System Restore.
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First. You dived in a little too quickly. An upgrade will give problems. Microsoft have outlined a procedure, if you wish to go on that route.
You do not state your Hard disk size. The easiest way out of your dilemma is to split, if able, your hard disk into at least two partitions. Make sure you have them labelled so that you do not use the wrong partition.
Now make a clean install of Windows 7 on the empty partition. When completed, which can take about half an hour, you will have a basic windows 7. At the same time, it will set up a dual boot automatically for you. You can then reinstall your software, to test 7's capablitlies. At the same time you can, at your leisure, copy all your personal data/folders etc over to the Windows 7 OS..
You cannot merely copy over any software programs. They need to be installe correctly. You can use the Microsoft easy transfer, which may do the trick, but I still reccommend reinstallation.
U mention Microsoft having a procedure, I'm not sure which u are refering to,can u link it?

My harddrive is a 300gb Velociraptor @ 10,000RPM.

So U suggest, to split this HDD, to a C:\ and a D:\, where C:\ is what I currently have, and D:\ which will have a fresh install of Win7 on it? What u mean by dual boot? Cause both C:\ and D:\ will have Win7 on it?

Easy Transfer? Use that to transfer files from C:\ to D:\ ??

Also, backing up the current registry, and using it after the clean install for the new D:\ would that work? Im confused again.

I've done some research it says its a Nvidia Driver issue, but I've installed the latest with win 7 compatibility...

I really dont want to reinstall...
davehc is right on with his suggestion.


As for exporting the registry, it will do you no good as the registry no longer has any references to other software you may have install after the Windows 7 installation.

Besides, Windows will not allow you to import an entire branch of the registry as it cannot import some binary values.

What is the exact model number of your Nvidia card?

You probably need a WDM version.

Didn't you receive an update from Windows Update about a WDM for your card?

Are you using the RC directly from Microsoft. If not, I'd suggest you download it and go with the "clean" install route.
Hi, atm, I went to safe mode, uninstall the video drivers, then reinstalled the video drivers. and then rebooted the computer under normal mode.

This got the desktop work, and everything is fine. I made Windows Update search for updates, and no updates thave have WDM or anything.

I'm using the Forceware 185.81 Beta, for Windows 7 64-bit. So I assume its okay, since the driver from nvidia itself, which this driver is specifically for Windows 7.

What u mean model numbeR? I have a Palit GTX295.

Also, since I have window 7 working properly, should I make a backup, then format my HDD, and do a clean install, then use that backup?

Or that wont work?
I had that driver, but I thought it was for Vista 64bit, might be a problem on a Window 7 system, might try it, if my error comes up again after restart.

And for the backup, cant I just use the one given by Windows 7?
Yep, those are the ones I'm currently using. 185.81 drivers.

Windows 7 only works properly, if i reinstall the drivers. If I dont, when I reboot, my desktop disappears again.
After reviewing your original post, I believe the reason for the problem is that you upgraded and did not do a "clean" install.

There may be older files on your system that were leftover and these may be causing the program.

I understand you have hundreds of programs to re-install, but hopefully you have these on CD or kept the zip file download to re-install

you can review all posts here and 99% will tell you that a "clean" install is the only way to go
yea, so backing up using window 7 utilitises, formatting, clean install, and using backup wont work?

So do u reckon, using Windows 7 utilities to backup my C:\ then format it, then reinstal win 7, then use the backup will work?
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I've never used Windows backup, I use my own utility to create an image.

But, if you're doing a "clean" install, the created image program will contain older files that would not be of any use.

I don't know whether the image creates a backup copy of the registry, but if it does and you restore that, the registry would then contain thousand of keys and values related to the other version and would be a disaster.

Try going to Help & Support and type in Windows backup. You can get a better idea of how it works,

Doing a "clean" install will require you to re-install all your 3rd party apps with the exception of stand-alone applications that do not require an installer.
Ah great... =(

well thanks for ur help, Ill keep searching, it's just i dont know wat 3rd party programs I need to reinstall? like all those codecs and what not, ahah its been so long since ive done those. =(
Go through your C:\Program Files directory and write down the list of software that you want to re-install.
Sorry for the late reply!
Yes, as I said, a clean install on the second partitionb will sort out the problems, I am sure.
"U mention Microsoft having a procedure, I'm not sure which u are refering to,can u link it?"

Engineering Windows 7 : Delivering a quality upgrade experience

"Easy Transfer? Use that to transfer files from C:\ to D:\ ??"
Yes, That is what I had in mind, but it takes almost as long as reinstalling your originals!

I would suggest you get hold of an imaging program, rather than make use of Windows backup. Try Paragon. (Download PARAGON Software - Partition Manager, drive backup, hard disk manager, drive copy)

An image has advantages over the backup. I have sevral images, made at different stages of using the OS's. I use Acronis, which you have to pay for. Restoring a full image, which would include restoring activatinetc, in fact the whole thing, is a doddle and takes about 15 to 20 minutes.