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Doom has been rebooted and it looks a hell of a ride.. Literally!

Many of the forum staff are playing in multiplayer and it seems only right and proper to have a thread toboot..
Doom begins on the UAC facility on Mars. The director of the facility is Samuel Hayden, whose mind now lives in an android body after he lost his original one to brain cancer. The researchers attempted to draw energy from Hell in order to solve an energy crisis on Earth. This was, as you can imagine, not a good idea and the issue quickly escalates....

There will be much killing later. The little we've done was great fun. Not enjoyed a mindless fps like this for awhile.
What a night! Had a great time guy's thank you!

Doom @ Ultra settings

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Yes was a fine night of gaming, we must do more. Though the hosting system needs fixing by Id and map selection. A pity but regardless its still a fine game.
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It's pretty fun, wait until you get berserker mode and the chainsaw, both are fun.
I just found those today Neemobeer.. :D Chainsaw is very handy for getting more ammo and the Beserker mode has some great finishing moves... Loving it!
I keep forgetting aobut the chainsaw. Thats what was missing last night.
I had to laugh this morning, remembering last night, playing co-op with the guy's and whooshes ill fated meeting with a 'Pinky' (they run around like Rhino's) I can still hear the screams now... Great gaming guy's thank you... :D
Was a good laugh on the nightmare co-op. Whoosh screams and our laughter everytime he died. We will at some point get him to stop charging at every enemy
This isn't really fair as they are totally different types of games but I took a break and played some Witcher 3:

Graphics don't really come much better than that.. At times I feel like I'm in a work of art and the attention to detail is stunning.


Back to the mayhem of DOOM later... :D
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New patch for Doom although some fixes it seems were already released:
DOOM – Update #1 Release Notes
DOOM Update #1 Release Notes

New Features and Optimizations


  • Added Classic DOOM weapon placement/view model option (all modes)
  • Added Photo Mode (You’ll find the new Photo Mode toggle in the game settings. It is
  • available through the pause menu once you are loaded into a map via Mission Select)

  • Updated weapon balance (live as of June 10, 2016)
  • Clan Arena and Freeze Tag now require the winning team to complete 5 rounds in order to
  • win the match. (live as of June 10, 2016)
  • Customization UI has been implemented to show all possible unlocks
  • Cross Style option has been added to settings for MP.

  • Added Original Author to the map info page
  • Added a timeout for AFK in Lobby
  • Added a property to allow map authors to choose if SnapMap will auto-manage (hide/show) hand-placed AI
  • Added Enable/Disable to Shootable Trigger
  • Added Sky/Window props
  • Added an auto-rollback to previous version for corrupted maps
  • Improved sorting algorithms for Most Popular map searches


Single Player
  • Fixed Steam Friends’ Ultra-Nightmare Helmets not populating the map
  • Fixed freeze when opening weapon wheel at more than 142 FPS (PC)
  • Fixed quit to desktop when clicking campaign after initiating Dev Mode (PC)
  • Fixed “IDKFA” Trophy/Achievement not properly unlocking (all versions)
  • Fixed PS4 crash when reloading checkpoint in Foundry
  • Fixed some occurrences of the “Every Nook and Cranny” Trophy not unlocking after collecting all Doomguys (PS4)
  • Fixed an issue where the game required Internet access (Xbox One)

  • Fixed crash while experiencing server connection issues (PS4)
  • Fixed crash when a client suspends the game while a lobby loads into a match (PS4)
  • Various cosmetic and gameplay fixes
  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Fix for restrictive NAT types being chosen as dedicated server lobby host
  • Fix for larger lobbies having longer matchmaking times
  • Fix for Player getting left behind if they join a friend as the lobby countdown finishes
  • Bug and stability fixes

  • Fixed Asian language font issues
  • Fixed AI pathing error with certain types of props
  • Fixed error where multiple maps share the same Map ID
  • Various map error fixes
  • Various logic fixes
  • Various stability fixes

  • Fixed Dev Mode incorrectly triggering when the user retrieves their own save data from Steam Cloud
Doom is now running using Vulcan. To change over api's nip into advanced video settings and you'll see a new option at the top. Simply choose Vulcan from the drop down menu, the game will restart and off you go. Graphics are still as amazing if not better although I didn't really run for long enough to see if it made a difference actually running the game. I guess with my set up not so much but somone with a mid range to low end system may see a real boost.
Vulkan Support Now Live - FAQ
Vulkan support is now live for DOOM on PC. Below are some frequently asked questions, along with links to download the most recent drivers. Please also note that Steam controller support has also been included in this patch, so we've included some FAQs relating to it below as well.


What is Vulkan?
Vulkan is a revolutionary graphics and compute API technology developed by the Khronos Group that allows game developers to interact with graphics hardware at a lower level, allowing for more efficient use of hardware, improving game performance.

On DOOM, Vulkan allows PC users to experience significant performance boosts on supported GPUs and CPUs, translating directly to better gameplay feel.

Most users on the minimum spec end of hardware will experience better performance at higher video settings. Users whose have recommended or above specs will experience exceptional performance with DOOM’s advanced video settings cranked up to full effect.

We’ll continue to work with AMD, NVIDIA and the Khronos Group to unlock the Vulkan API’s full potential through idTech 6, giving DOOM PC players a gameplay experience unlike anything else. Stay tuned for more updates.
For additional information on the Vulkan API, please visit the following links.
Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: DOOM
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