Windows 7 Dotnet 3.5 & Microsoft mManagment Console 3.0 Question


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Feb 10, 2009
Ok so I have tried everything to get MMC 3.0 (all Compatibility modes etc....) installed & not sure about if I need dotnet 3.5 hotfix or not. Dell Lattitude D810 2gb Ram, 60gb HD, Intel Centrino.

Question 1. Do I need Dotnet 3.5 or is it native to Win 7?

Question 2. How is it possible to install MMC 3.0? (i need this to install another application that I am testing)

any help will be appreciated

Hi there -- I'll get "Bollixed" for this again --but this is one of those occasions where it actually pays to do an upgrade rather than a clean install.

Install the Dotnet on a Vista Home Premium / Vista Ultimate FIRST (either X-32 / X64) and then do an upgrade.

The .NET stuff doesn't appear to work 100% correctly yet in W7. The Upgrade fixes some of the problems -- depending on what you want to do.

This advice isn't necessarily what I'd suggest when the Retail version comes out but it seems to get round some problems with the Beta. Might not work 100% for you - as I said it depends on your applications.

You can't install Dotnet.exe on W7 --doesn't do anything.

.NET Framework v 3.5 is installed by default.

I also have (2) 1.0 versions, (1) v2.0, (1) v3.0, and (1) v3.5

I don't know whether these older versions were installed by 3-rd party papps or not.

I haven't run across any download for Vista, only these OS's:

Download: Microsoft Management Console 3.0 for Windows XP

Download: Microsoft Management Console 3.0 for Windows 2003 Itinanium-Based system

Download: Microsoft Management Console 3.0 for Windows x64 Server

Download: Microsoft Management Console 3.0 for windows 2003

Answered my own question, Windows 3003 is the server edition.

*Please Take note that Windows x64 one will not be released any time soon, due to some apparent upload errors.

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go to control panel, programs and features, then choose "Turn Windows features on or off" in left panel.
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