Double click on an excel file opens excel program but noy the file

Hi friends
I use windows 7 and microsoft office XP (2002). When I try to open an excel file by doubleclicking on it from another programm (for example: windows explorer) opens excel programm but not the file (workbook), Is there any idea to solve the problem?


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Try running a repair install of Microsoft Office, by double-clicking on it under "Programs" in Control Panel. This should restore the file associations that have somehow been lost or damaged for Microsoft Office Programs. There is another way to correct it, but it would likely be much more difficult.


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You are using an older program and perhaps that has something to do with what you are experiencing?

Are you running or have you tried running the program in XP compatibility mode?

Is the extension of your file .xls?

I have tried to run program in XP compatibility mode but the problem remains.

The extension of the files is .xls


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Not really sure why it would behave like that. To test, have you created a new file and tried opening that? What path is being used to save the files created? All I can think of is for some reason, the program cannot access the requested file when it opens.

What happens if you open the file from the flyout menu?

I was looking for the old style of file associations where you could specify certain operations when the file was clicked, but have so far been unable to find anything but the Default Setting Programs utility.

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