Double HDD help

I have 2 drives in my computer
1 is windows 7
2 is debian linux

I have WIN7 drive set as slave and Linux drive set as master.
But when i try to boot, it boots right to windows.

When i disable/unplug the WIN7drive it just gives me a black screen and a white line.


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I don't know a lot about Linux, but how did you set up the boot originally, and have you changed the drive order in the bios or disconnected and reconnected a drive so as to cause the order to be changed?

I originally plugged Linux into a cd/dvd cable(I have no idea how) then I asked my older brother who set it up on another pc, I gave that pc to my little brother as i got another one and took my linux drive with me. any way he told me i had it plugged into the wrong cable so i plugged it into the same one my main hard drive(WIN7) was plugged into. I then went into bios set windows as slave and linux as master.


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It sound like the bootloader doesn't have Linux as an option to boot to.

Try downloading and running EasyBCD.

You can use the Add tab to add Linux as a bootable option and put it first in the boot sequence and give to give you a boot menu.
You can decide how long you want the computer to wait before going ahead with the boot, what to beet to etc.

Welcome to EasyBCD 2.0! | The NeoSmart Files


Thanks Mike!
It worked and i could go to windows 7 and linux but when i booted to linux i get a black screen with a white blinking bar like it's about to type something except it doesn't.
Could this be because my linux hard drive was wiped of it's OS?


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Can you see your Linux drive from Windows 7 in Windows Explorer?

You should be able to see what's on it and if you have anything important back it up.

Once you've backed up any data on the drive, I would format the drive and re-install Linux.
If it doesn't automatically create a boot menu then use EasyBCD again.

I use Ubuntu sometimes, but I have it on a DVD that will boot my computer, not on a hard drive.

Right now I'm running Windows 7 on my C:\ drive and Windows 8 on a partition on my D:\ drive.
When I boot into Ubuntu I can see and change anything in my computer.

Before you re-install Linux make a partition for it instead of just installing it on the whole drive.

It's easy to do in Disk Management, especially on a clean just formatted drive.
Nothing to lose. LOL

Don't make the partition too small, I did that with my Windows 8 partition and now it's hard to make it bigger with everything already on it.

I thought that 50 Gigabytes was plenty but even with most of my software on another drive it's tight. I should have erred on the large side.

This article may be helpful....

Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu in Perfect Harmony


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i get a black screen with a white blinking bar like it's about to type something except it doesn't.
That normally happens because the boot is not seeing the OS. Try using EasyBCD again and see which partition/drive it is pointing to. The NeoSmart Technologies site has a Wiki that goes through many scenarios.

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