Double network found: no internet connection


I am not able to connect to the internet over my network, even though my pc is connected and can see other devices.

I have one desktop with ethernet, one laptop with wifi and a bluray player which is connected with my network over powerlines (adapters). Alle connected by a wifi modem/router.

My laptop and bluray player are working perfectly. Since reinstalling Windows 7 though connecting with my desktop gives me headaches. Windows finds 2 networks. One which I can transform to a home network, the other unknown. I suspect the second one is the problem. I managed to get rid of it by disabling one adapter and using the other (both are on my motherboard, a MSI P55-GD65 and Realtek). Just switched the cable. After that internet worked just fine.

After a restart though Windows again found the unknown network and internet connection has seized. I was left with both networks in Network Center.

I have no idea what that second network is. The mobo doesn't have Wifi and there is only one UTP cable connected. It being found over and over makes this hard to solve for me.

Any ideas?


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prehaps it's a media streaming feature on one of the other devices?

I do have media streaming on on my Laptop in Home Network. When looking at the network devices in Windows Explorer it's listed below the line as a media device. Then again... on my Notebook it isn't listed the same way as in Network Centre.

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