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I want to upgrade to Windows 7, until it expires. But i want to know, i can keep my files, and if i can downgrade to vista, without deleting any of my files. I need a pretty good answer :) Also, i do not have a vista disc, or backup files.
Do you have a recorvery partition on your hard drive. If not then don't upgrade. If you don't have a partition for upgrade or such then you can't go back to vista.
You'd Need a Recovery Partition or Just another Partition to install Windows 7 onto, you'd have to Duel Boot 7 with vista. When 7 expires you could boot into Vista, open msconfig and change the default boot to Vista and then remove the 7 Partition from your Hard Drive. But you'd still need to be able to Back Up ALL your data - you can never be too careful.
For online backup and recovery options of just files (not applications/programs/software) you could try

Live Mesh Beta

There are others that I haven't listed here. Microsoft Live Mesh will give you 5GB of file storage and Dropbox will give you 2GB free. Dropbox also offers up to 100GB of online file storage at $19.99/mo. This is a folder that sits in your Documents and anything you place in it is backed up online. You can also use the software to synchronize files across several computers.
My HDD is shared in 2 parts C and D, where C has 76GB for the system (It contains the systemfiles and such) , and D with 511GB got all my games and personal programs. So, should i take a backup of my C or C and D?
Image backup of C, but be aware that rolling back to Vista may still not work 100%
Yes but if you are going to use a recovery Image to restore vista then you will need to make a boot-able recovery dvd. This would then run to restore the C drive with vista.
Well, i think i'll stay with the heavy Vista. I think that all Vista users should have Windows 7 upgrade for free.
Yeah so do i - Duel Booting Vista Basic with Windows 7. 7 is waaaay nicer to use and better at using resources
If your looking to use windows 7 and then go back to vista. You'll need the original vista that came with your pc. Either the actually os on disk or the image that was copied to a disk. By going into the bios you can format to erase the windows 7 that is installed and then partion any way you want to have your old vista installed provided you have the original vista dvd or an iso of it.
Expiration Date

OK all this expiration stuff got me worried so I checked it out. My version expires March 1st 2010 or at least thats when it will shut down after 2 hours. To check this go to your O/S Drive C:\Windows\System32 and fine the file WINVER.EXE. This will tell you when your version will expires. If this is wrong please post back so I will know. Just in case I'm backing up anyway.

-Cheers Anthony
Well, i think i'll stay with the heavy Vista. I think that all Vista users should have Windows 7 upgrade for free.

yep i agree but its never gonna happen.. windows 7 is a huge improvement from vista ,but would not buy an os for 100+ Pound ,its not that better

(*waits for crack*:razz:)

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Mine expires 02/03/2010
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