Downgrade Win 7

Is there any reliable way to downgrade win 7 ultimate 32 bit to home premium 32 bit.

If you purchase a new license for Home Premium, you can.

You can only switch bit versions with the same license.


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why are you wanting to downgrade to home for ultimate??

I want to factory reset my laptop so i have got both liscence but i want to use home premium so what is the process without formating.....

I wish it was as simple as changing keys but its not.

As far as I am aware, a reformat or at least a re-install is the only way.


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unfortunately i believe its the only way too, i no you can upgrade from a 32 to 64bit system as long as your improving or increasing the OS

This is my understanding:
  • Changing bit versions require a fresh install. However the same key can be used when switching bit versions.
  • Changing editions requires an upgrade path such as upgrade media or anytime upgrade. However changing to any edition, can always be done from a fresh install.
  • Changing keys from the system page, require a key for the same edition. Trying to use a key for any other edition requires that edition to first be installed.


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Use Windows backup to backup your entire hard drive first so you won't lose anything and then do a complete new install.
You will be able to recover favorites, address books, and other data, but there's no way to get around re-installing your software.

I'm not sure what you will gain by going back to Home Premium though.

Is it worth all the work to stop using Ultimate?
I don't know of any issues that would make HP more stable or anything like that?


I'm not sure what you will gain by going back to Home Premium though.
They maybe wanting to use their Ultimate license elsewhere. Since they can't transfer their Home Premium license, they wish to fall back to Home Premium and free the Ultimate license to be used on another machine.

I do question if the Ultimate license is Upgrade or Retail. It's also my understanding that an upgrade license installed to an OEM version of windows, becomes locked to the hardware of which it is installed and activated. Where as the retail license would not have this limitation.

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