Windows 7 Download issues


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Been having a pile of problems doing the upgrade to windows 7 , mostly doing with a lack of drivers.
But so far things have been getting better..
I'm currently looking for a few drivers.. something i imagine i will find soon.
But the big problem i'm having has to do with downloading anything from the internet.
Windows update works. However i cannot download anything off the net.
If i say download the newest version of itunes , i get the popup window for selecting download, etc.
When i goto my download folder, while the download is in the process of downloading it shows a .part files suggesting the file is actually downloading. Then the problem occurs once i get to 100%. The file disappears, no drive space is taken up by the file , and i cannot find the file at all.
I have only had this problem since installing windows 7.
I have tried several methods of downloading , including torrents.. none work other then windows update.
Any help is appreciated.
Truthfully if you just installed Windows 7,

I would go back and do a "clean" install, rather than upgrade.

Upgrading seems to be a problem in many posts here.
I have had windows 7 installed for at least 2 weeks now. Been having a few problems.
First i couldn't find a keyboard/mouse that worked. Discovered a solution for it.
Then i was having problems with some drivers.. still need to find a few such as ones for my 5 in 1 card read.
But i have usb slots that work properly now.. the only problem i'm having with windows 7 that affects my day to day life with this computer is the download issue.
I cannot reinstall an older version of windows.. aint working get the blue screen. And doing a backup of vista from before the install isn't working either. Nor is formatting my hard drive. So i think i'm stuck with 7 . The download problem is my sole problem left.
Have you tried using a different web browser see if that does the same thing?
The best thing you can do straight after install and activation is run Windows update. On all of the older machines Ive put 7 on, Windows update has found all the important drivers that Ive needed, save a couple of display drivers.
Same issue

I am having the exact same problem. And, yes, I have used different browsers. The files finish downloading and simply don't end up anywhere. I do a computer search for them - nothing. Very strange. Anyone have any ideas? It would be nice to be able to get my video drivers installed. :confused:
Try setting the download directory to to the desktop, then minimize all Windows so you have a clear view of the desktop and see if the file appears here.