Download Speed Super Slow

So I got a new computer recently and have installed a tl-wdn4800 as the network card. However, the download speed is so terribly slow (25kb/s) that it took about 15mins to download a 29mb file. I have installed the drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled again too many times. It is not the router, my other computer downloads at 1.9-2.4mb/s using the same wireless network. Any help would be appreciated.

After you installed the network card, have you checked to see what band it's running on 2.4 or 5.0?

Check the users guide on the resource cd, chapter 4, There is a picture there that show "Band" make sure it's set to what ever your router is using either 2.4 or 5.0.

Have a look at these....

network card.PNG network card 2.PNG

When I installed the drivers from the CD it told me that this 64bit version wont install the utility. I am assuming that the utility is what I need to check the band. It never installed from the internet downloaded driver either. :/

What bit is your OS and what bit type are you trying to install...sounds like that's the problem right there. Wrong bit type....

I have64-bit windows. It doesn't ask for a bit when I installed the driver.

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