Windows 7 Download will not start


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Jan 12, 2009
So I go to the download page that shows my product key. I hit Download, and nothing happens. Yes, my internet is working.
you have to install the download manager, when you clicked the download button it should have prompted the installer.. once that is installed you can proceed with the download.. if it's not doing anything there could be a problem with the site.. though I just tried and it worked fine for me.. so I donno...
As Radenight said you need to install the microsoft installer thing. It should prompt you to install it. If not look in this forum for the direct download link.
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Link Removed due to 404 Error
I love you. Haha. Also, another thing. I don't happen to have any spare DVD's laying around, but I have a virtual drive program. Once I mount the ISO, can I just install off that?
Use 7 zip to extract the iso to your pc and install it from that. That is the quickest and easiest method.
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@ crazy: I'm downloading right now, on Mozilla. Use the links iroken posted.
My bad didn't see that part. :redface: Firefox won't let you click on the download link once you get to the screen where it gives you a key, at least from my experience, just wondering if that's what was happening. :)
I have to comply once again with you on this one because at first i tried installing it in firefox but then i update firefox to 3.0.6 and the link worked perfectly.
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