Downloaded files, eh?!


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I just downloaded Windows 7 professional 64bit from Microsofts UK student site (ie I got it for £30)

it downloaded a file, (DLMWin7Pro64UK.exe) in which I promptly double clicked on.

That opened, unpacked "expandedSetup" folder and begun the installation process.

So far so good.


what happens if I continue the installation process, I mean there is no disc in drive as it is sat on me desktop, I was hoping to do a clean install because it probably won't let me 'downgrade' (atm I'm running a cracked [pirated] version of Windows 7 Ultimate, I'm buying it because I think its brilliant!)

So, can I/do I just burn the "expandedSetup" files to disc and boot from disc?

thanks for your help!


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There have been a lot of problems with the Student version of Windows 7. Try contacting microsoft as they have been offering another version of it or a refund for free (And you get to keep your product key)


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Hello, and thank you for your reply

I contacted Microsoft and they basically said no.

I have to contact Digital River and not them.

So, I phoned them (via the US number cause there isn't one for the UK) and they told me they would send a link, but they didn't :(

So I phoned again

they still didn't :(

to be honest, I've always been a pirated customer unless I got it with my computer, I'm starting to think perhaps I should have stayed that way, I've never had a problem with Microsoft before...