Downloaded Files from FTP have small 'locks' - unexecutable! Help!

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I recently downloaded some files from a safe FTP server, but they have small 'locks' on them. They won't run - I know this because the files I downloaded are maps for a game and although they are installed to the correct directory they are unusable. The game cannot reference the files, and after trying files from other places, I know my problem has to do with these 'locks'.



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Hello and welcome,

I'm no gamer but, maybe the files are compressed or password protected

.BSP is a map file extension used in games such as the Doom, Quake, and games that use Quake-derived engines, such as the Half-Life series and Call of Duty series. .BSP files use binary space partitioning to generate levels that can be rendered quickly while minimizing the number of polygons that need to be redrawn every time the screen refreshes. One of the biggest problems with the .BSP file format is that large open areas do not work well due to the nature of the partitioning algorithm used.

They are not executable, just supposed to be placed in the directory containing the other .bsp files.

if they are compressed you might try Universal Extractor to uncompress them.


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I think those locks mean you dont have permission over them. Make copies of the files first, then try right clicking the offending ones and choose properties. Under the security tab choose advanced. Then in the owner tab, make sure you are the owner of the file. You might have to also edit the permissions in the security tab after too. Have a play around in there see if you can get them to work.

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I wasn't sure if that was the standard Windows lock, but you may be right loathe.:)


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Yep, what Loathe said

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