Downloaded program not available to second user account


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I am setting up a brand new laptop with Windows 7. I have not used Win 7 before. I have set up two user accounts, both "administrator" accounts. I have downloaded Google Chrome using one of those accounts, but when logged on as the second user, I cant see the Chrome shortcut, or find the program file. If I search for "chrome" or "chrome.exe", the result is "nothing found". Using File Explorer doesnt help, as that is not showing the program files under either user logon. I did not have this problem with Vista.

Can anyone help, please?

Dell Inspiron N5110 i7 Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601


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Hi Will and Welcome to The Forum.

I think Google Chrome is a "per user" download. Have you looked in C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local for the Google Files?

The AppData folder is hidden by default so if you aren't showing "hidden files and folders" then it won't be included in a general search.


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You are right. The AppData folder is hidden. How do I "un-hide" it?


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Bit odd though, that you cannot even find it on a search?? I am an "only" user so cannot verify this, but perhaps it is necessary , as Elmer implies, to install in both user accounts?


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I have finally sorted this out. Googled "Google", and they have a separate download for those with multiple user accounts on Windows computers. I uninstalled Chrome, then downloaded the multi-account version, and that works fine. It installs to the public "C:\Program Files" folder, instead of under an individual "C:\Users\Username..." folder. Thanks for your help.

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