Downloaded W7, how to make a bootable disk

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    I want to get a clean install and reformat my hard drive. I guess when you load w7 from your desktop you do not have the option of reformatting. If you want to reformat I herd you have to boot from the cd. But I bought w7 through a download.

    I downloaded the pro 64 bit version. How do I make my download into a bootable disk that I can boot from?
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    I used this USB key method:

    How to Make the Student Discounted Windows 7 Upgrade Bootable |

    Had to pull the key out after it had installed and did first reboot, or it will attempt to reinstall itself again. The USB key method is far easier than typing command line stuff, moving files around, and burning disks.

    I also want to add that my Digital River "upgrade" key worked FINE on the full install. I did format my drive first, and chose "Custom Install" from the Windows 7 menu. NO PRIOR INSTALLATION OF OS NECESSARY!! I created the key on another computer and used it on a brand new build.
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