downloading and installing together shuts down internet connection

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    downloading and installing together shuts down internet/network connection

    Hello ,
    i searched to forum here for similar problem , but couldn't find something.
    Problem i have with rc win 7 when i download an installer , that will download and install a game (World of warcraft, its big download of 6gigs and d/l speeds vari up to 5mb/s) then it shuts down internet connection.
    Problem it says is that the gateway is not accesible. Which is weird because the other pc's in the network still have internet.
    Now i checked various of option ,
    working out win firewall tus turning it off > doesnt help
    turning off mcafee firewall + virus scanner > didnt work
    connecting directly to cable modem , disconnecting router > didnt work
    Tried them all together which didnt work aswell.
    Reinstalling the networking driver manually > made no difference
    I also had this problem when d/l at newsleecher , but that didnt occur often. Just happend once with that program.
    Way to solve the connection was disabling and abling the adapter.
    Now i wonder if there is an buildin security in win 7 that prevents from downloading and installing together.
    The options i mentioned above , i am sure they are not the problem , so i dunno what it can be.
    The World of warcraft installer works fine at vista , downloading + installing together no problems there.
    Some info on hard/software regarding this post :
    Router DLink dir-855
    McAfee personal security
    Nvidia Nforce networking Controller driver v73.0.6.0 (latest version)
    Win 7 rc x64
    Desktop is connected directly to the router with cable

    Edited : Installing the game seperate and browsing this forum , win7 blocks/shuts network/internet gateway which is very annoying. Can only do one of the both seperate but not both together.
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    i found the problem causing it :
    De volgende instellingen blokkeren mogelijk de verbinding:
    Naam van provider: Microsoft Corporation
    Beschrijving van provider: Microsoft Windows Firewall-provider
    Naam van filter: WSH Default Inbound Block
    Naam van providercontext: -

    Its in dutch but says what blocks the connection.
    Now i do not know how to configure the wsh (windows service hardening) or change it , is there anyone who can help me out with this?
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