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I'm trying to download multiple files, not from those download sites but these are files full of wallpapers. I've tried the usual 'download accelerators' but they don't work for one reason or another.
Is there a download accelerator/plug-in/add-on, etc. that works in Windows 7?


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1. Do the downloads stop completely, or do they slow down?
2. It's probably your Internet connection === slow. Check what the specs are about it.
3. It may be your CPU speed / memory capacity / speed. You can find several programs in Search for freeware and shareware downloads at, but the way you say it... you probably have tried some or most of them.

Something's causing a jam. I don't have any accelerators, but I can have a dozen of downloads running, and they come neatly.

And the basic question: done any changes lately? When did the problem occur?

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