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    Aug 27, 2011
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    OK, so everytime I try to download a program (for instance u torrent) I dont ever get a dialog box with the run option in it. Instead I get a bar on the bottom of the screen that gives the options of "open", "save", or "cancel". When I click "open" nothing happens. When I click "save" a file is saved in my download folder by the name of "utorrent_exe" with no extention. When I try to run it I get a message that asks what program I want to run it with. Oh yeah, by the way, I am running Windows 7 Premium Home Edition. Thanks for any help.
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    If you get the bar, you should be good to go. "Open" and "Run" are the same operation. I don't know why it downloads without an extension but try this:

    1. Open the downloaded file location.
    2. Change you explorer settings to show extensions.
    3. Add a .exe to the end of the file name.
    4. run the file.

    If the issue is more complicated, give more details and we will investigate.

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