Downloads Disappearing and More!

I'm having an issue with downloads in both Firefox and IE. Whenever I attempt to download .exe or .msi files, Firefox automatically pauses them. When I click the "retry" button, the download begins, but once it is finished, the file disappears. It's as if it was never even downloaded in the first place. Thinking this was just an issue with Firefox, I attempted to download another file in IE, only to be told "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded." Okay, I google the phrase and find that I should change my security zone levels. I've tried every security zone level I can, and I'm having no luck. I've run Avira, MalwareBytes, and Spybot, but to no avail. While this is also going on, I'm having Google redirect issues, too, which I'm attempting to fix with the help of another forum and HiJackThis. Could these two problems be related? Any help is appreciated and will stop me from installing and dual booting with LinuxMint. It's a threat!


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1. Try right clicking on IE and "Run as Administrator".
2. Disable any add-ons you don't need or don't recognize.

Running as admin does not help. I should have stated this earlier, but I usually run Firefox, but I'm having this issue with both browsers.


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It sounds like your AV is deleting them. What AV do you use?

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