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Windows 10 DPC spikes


New Member
Jun 18, 2020
So I am running windows 10 LTSC service channel 1809 on build 17763.1282,

i just bought myself an i5-3570k and I put it in a second hand gigabyte h61ma-d3v, now it ran good for the first week or so but now there is dpc spikes, i am running DPC latency checker and it runs on average in the yellow section which I am not sure whether is good or not? but every now and then when I do certain tasks like yutub and playing rythm games it will have a spike or two making a noticeable jolt in all the user software, including the window manager. And sometimes it will go through phases where it will just downright freeze my computer and crash and reboot, and every now and then it will give me a blue screen on reboot saying that there is problems with windows use installation media to fix or press enter to try again. It normally boots in after i press enter.

Now I have tried to re enable and enable every device tried all new kinds of drivers and tried not using drivers, i updated my bios to the latest versio (experimental version with better compatibility with high end graphics cards) and of course it still didnt work on the old bios either although there is another version inbetween which I might try later. All the bios settings on system optimized (f7 on gigabyte motherboards). My graphics card is a 1050ti and it doesnt seem to matter which driver i use, problem still ocurrs.

One thing i do notice is that this kind of thing happens most commonly when I do certain tasks which require video streams with audio like on youtub and vlc (high bitrate video files). I've tried running every task my computer does, especially since i reinstalled only this morning to see it still doesnt work. playing more graphics intensive games like escape from tarkov doesnt affect the amount of times it jutters it still jutters all the same as long as there is constant video with audio.

Another funny thing i noticed is that when i open cpu z as soon as its opened the DPC latency monitor shows conatant slowness although this slowness is not noticeable in terms of jolts because it is constant and only 4ms. i will attach picture of it. As well as that, when i run the bench function the latency goes down to constant green.

So now I am thinking maybe take apart re build pc maybe some weird quirk has made there be some kind of unique issue that can be solved by putting it together again. Or maybe a cpu pin is bent or something.

So yea thats the story really any suggestions I haven't got the time or energy right now to see what makes CPUz different to other processes and what it will reveal about my predicament. But if any of you people know anything from the top of your head feel free to share with me and feel free to ask any additional questions but I probably won't reply until at least a while.


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DPCs are directly tied to devices and their drivers on a system. Devices with higher IRQ levels will force lower IRQ devices to be postponed by means of a DPC object. Video and audio have pretty high IRQ levels so DPC latency will increase. The only suggestion would to be to verify all the drivers are the most current. Other than that there isn't much you can do to affect DPC latency save for disabling hardware devices.