DPI Scaling


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I've recently moved a specialist PC which is used in our college radio studio from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Everything has gone well, but for the exception of dual display. This PC has two mirrored displays; a 22-inch and a 40-inch. The 22-inch display is the main PC monitor and the 40-inch display is wall-mounted for guest viewing. The problem in which I'm having is that Windows 10 is automatically deciding the best DPI scaling because if the larger display, which is having a knock-on effect with the 22-inch display. The DPI scaling auto selects 125%, which can be manually set to 100% (which resolves the problem for that logged-on user). The problem we have is that this needs to be changed every time somebody logs-on to that machine. I've done some searching and found various registry tweaks, but nothing has worked for me yet.

Does anybody here know of a way of globally setting the DPI scaling to 100%?

The Windows 10 build is Windows 10 Enterprise, 1903.