Dreaming Kitty is the Next Big Cat Video


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You've been shocked by Surprised Kitty, gasped at OMG Cat and given Standing Cat an ovation ... well, prepare to meet the next mega-adorable cat to go viral on YouTube. Dreaming Kitty is like Surprised Kitty -- he spreads his paws in the same cute way -- except that he's asleep. D'aww! The Huffington Post has already called Dreaming Kitty "the cutest kitty" and I'm inclined to agree.


Even some belly-rubbing from his owner won't wake Dreaming Kitty, he just puts his paws over his eyes and stays asleep. I wonder what he's dreaming about. Probably cheeseburgers or whatever "cheeseburgers" is in German. Dreaming Kitty seems to have originated from Germany, because the YouTube video description says "Katzenbaby träumt," which means "cat baby dreams."