Drive C showing red color.

In My computer C Drive is showing red color. But there is enough free space. Please find the attachment. error.png

You Only have 34 Gig HD OMG
I would suggest you put a bigger hard drive in such as a 500 gig at Minimum preferably a 1.0 TB then just clone your system to the new drive


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I suspect the 3 drives are just partitions - if that is the case then use something like easeus (free) partition manager to reduce the size of drive D (by at least 20GB) and assign it to drive C. Also, whether a separate drive or not - I'd start sing drive D for some data storage - drive C does not need to be using anywhere near that much space.

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Even if it is one drive partitioned. I still would at least a bigger drive minimum of 500 gig, and clone the old drive


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It looks like you have a 200 gig hard drive partitioned into 3 drives.
The size of the C:\ drive is far too small.
I'm guessing that the drive is almost full with just Windows 7 installed

You can go through all the work of re-partitioning it, or as Sarge says just buy a 500 Gig drive and either start over and re-install or transfer your old drive to it.

Unless you have an external drive it is probably easier to just back up you data on DVDs and start over.


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