Drive DLL installation issues

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Well, this is regarding a sound card called the Mackie Spike. Whenever I run what is called the "XD2 ASIO WDM driver" the installation comes up saying that the installation is not adaquete to run with Vista, which is fair enough.
So I installed it onto an XP PC and got the AsioWdmDriver.DLL but I don't know how to install it, everytime I go into system32 and right click it I doesn't have the register or anything to it so I'm quite confused, is there anyway in Vista to register DLL's ?
Please Help!

this error has happend to a lot of people running windows vista, I've done a small tutorial for anyone wanting to know.

When running a microsoft installer (.msi file) if it comes up saying the OS is inadequate. You have to run the program ORCA (downloadable with the windows SDK kit)

Open up the MSI file in ORCA and on the left, there will be a list, select LaunchConidition and delete all form of code there.

Save the MSI and walah!



help installing the drivers for Mackie Spike on Vista OS

Thank you for the tutorial but I haven't been able to get it to work yet.

My complaints the Mackie Spike (even though the copyright on the box says 2004 Mackie was selling through most of 2006): Of course, the Mackie Spike drivers still fail to install as of August 2007 (look at the date of this posting). Mackie tech support says that the product is discontinued which implies that no, they don't plan on developing Windows Vista compatible drivers. Sure, the hardware is built to last, but the Windows XP computer I had broke because it wasn't built to last as long as the Mackie gear. Hopefully the Mackie team will get that when software is included in a product, it is part of the 'built to last' equation, and that if the software is not continued to be maintained and supported then the resale value value will go down since the product will then be outdated. The other affect of this is that customers will be wary about buying products that are from a company that doesn't fully support them in their software component no matter how excellent the hardware is.

Trying to install the Mackie Spike drivers in Windows Vista:
I downloaded a version of Orca and it won't open the .exe files nor any of the other Spike driver files from here: Mackie :: Spike Software Updates : alpha

How do you get them to open? Drag and drop doesn't work. Open file doesn't work. I am using Orca version 3.1.4000.2049

So I tried the freeware: Advanced Installer which does make things out of the Spike .exe files that install. But when I connect the Mackie Spike it still asks for the driver and first can't find it, then it can't install it after taking a few minutes to automatically look for it, which is not skippable (why not Microsoft Dev. Team - please let me choose to skip the automatic driver search because it sucks having to wait and not being given the choice to skip it.)

So I tried ASIO4All and that doesn't seem to work either ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver because when I plug in the USB cable it still can't find the driver and then can't install it. "failed"

If someone could help me figure this out then awesome, I will be grateful.

If the Mackie Team decided to make their software built to last in conjunction with their hardware then that would be awesome too.

If the Windows Vista Dev. Team decided to make the the Install as a previous version work better then I would praise that also.





surprisingly it works

Well, I got some of it to work. I am not sure what did it but I think it was the Advanced Installer (free version) that did it (see: Free Windows Installer - MSI Installer Tool )

I downloaded the drivers, unzipped them, and then opened the Advanced Installer program. I made one installer file with the Advanced Installer for each .exe file. Then I installed them. When I plug the Mackie Spike in to the USB not everything works but at least the microphone input and the headphone outputs work and the monitor outputs work. I don't know about the other inputs and outputs but hopefully the work. The Mix doesn't work. The XD2 interface GUI won't install and so doesn't work. Turning the knobs on the Spike doesn't change the volume level on the Vista either.

Though this isn't the full package of features that worked on my Windows XP laptop, at least it is still possible to record and play back audio.

Thanks to those who made this possible.



nope, my mistake

Nope, my mistake. I thought I got it but I didn't. All Advanced Installer did was make files that installed. I don't know if that changed anything because it Vista still wouldn't allow installing of the drivers. I un-installed the .msi programs that Advanced installer made and it still worked as generically recognized by Vista.

At this point I don't know or remember what got it to work. The problem is that none of the installer files I tried making with Advanced Installer got the XD2 application to install.

So after receiving an email from the Mackie tech support referring me to the Mackie forums I saw why I failed to follow Sam Justices instructions the first time which the following link will explain.

Mackie Forums Home: ASIO Driver in Windows Vista

And so I tried this: I used the windows search on a seperate windows XP computer with Mackie Spike installed on it (the Alpha version from the Mackie downloads page) and then used windows search to find .msi files which after some further effort turned up an XD2 .msi file which Sam instructed one line to be deleted from. I did that and then transfered it to the other computer (via email attachment) and though it installed beautifully, there are still no drivers installed.

Hence, the software app now works properly but it doesn't recognize the USB device. Did I do something wrong? The drivers still aren't installed. The Spike won't interface with the Application software.

I mean all the knobs work, even the mix which I overlooked previously, but none of the features of the software application registering. No syncing up

Well, again, at least the basics, less the software interface with all the bells and whistles, works.

If anyone knows what I did wrong or how to get the drives to work on Vista then that would be great.





tracktion3 bad registration????

i have a tapco link usb audio device it came with tracktion3 when i tryed to register
the software i was told on screen that the pass word had either been usd by another product or that it was invalid i havecontacted mackie who are the suppler
who told me they would get back to me taht was a month ago
is anyone else having this problem did mackie sort it out for you?

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