Drive letter changes - Win7/XP dual-boot


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I recently installed Win7 Ultimate on the second drive of my main computer, but running XP Pro as the main OS. The Win7 partition was "G" in XP and when re-formatted using Acronis Disk Director. However, when booted into Win7 it is running in C Drive and the other partitions go up the alphabet by one letter. This is the first time I have used dual-boot - is this normal?

I intend keeping XP as the default OS for a while, at least until I have Win7 running the way I want, and there are probably advantages running Win7 also on Drive C - particularly if/when I remove XP. However, if I change drives E, F & G in Win7 back to D, E & F (as they were in XP), will that affect anything when I boot back into XP :rolleyes: