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Here is the situation, I have two computers on my home network, one is a desktop running windows 2000 and it has an external hard drive attach to it. The other is a laptop recently upgraded to windows 7 home premium. I had Windows Vista before and was able to map my Windows 2000 hard drives without issue, now I get a request to enter a network domain password. I've tried entering all of the userid and password I can think of and nothing works.... Help.....:confused:

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you will probably be successful if you try using this format machinename\username and then the password. That is the machinename of your windows 2000 machine and a username that exists on that machine with sufficient privledges and then that users password. Alternately you could try adding your Win7 username and password to the 2000 machines user list. Hope this helps

I've already tried that and it doesn't work, it's requesting a Network Domain Name and Password


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Is the 2000 machine a server and domain controller or is it a 2000 pro machine.

It's window 2000 pro. not a server


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Not sure which service pack you are running on the 2000 pro machine. I think perhaps you might try this on the windows 7 machine and see if it helps. Open the network and sharing center, click change advanced sharing settings scroll down to file sharing connections and switch to "Enable file sharing for devices that use 40- or 56- bit encryption. It seems that Microsoft made available a "High Encryption Pack" for Windows 2000 (all versions) but I don't know if they bundled it into one of the service packs or not. I know it doesn't support it natively. So just try it on the win7 machine and see if that helps. Win you get the prompt for the logon and you choose the option "Other user" and you put in the Windows2000MachineName\UserOnThatMachine and then the PasswordForThatUserOnThatMachine, what exactly is the results?


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Also please check and confirm that both machines are in the same workgroup and that there are no duplicate machine names on the network

I'm running windows 2000 with service pack 4. there are only two computers on the network and they both are in the workgroup, workgroup. When I try to map a drive I get a network error message.

The encryption setting is the one you suggested. What kills me is that it worked under Vista.

problem solved

Well after searching all over I finally found the fix for my problem. Here is it.

"1. Run the registry editor and open this key:
1. If it doesn't already exist, create a DWORD value named
3. Set the value to 1
4. Reboot"

I found that Windows 7 Home Premium has the LmCompatibilityLevel DWORD set to 3. I changed it to 1, rebooted and now I can connect to this drive share without problems.

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