Drive names in W Explorer different than Disk Management?

Drive names in Windows Explorer different than Disk Management.

How would I fix this.

Can we get an example or a screenshot?

You could if I knew how to do it. :)

Well for starers, what does explorer report the drive name is vs disk manager?

Ok. I can do that.

E: drive 1 500 in WE, 2 fjk in DM.

F: drive 3 1000 in WE, 3 in DM.

If the name is saved on the disk I'm not sure how it's happening

Im still kind of confused so bear with me. Is this a problem with the drive label (mine is Fart for drive C:) or a problem with the Device ID (C: = Disk 0 on mine).

So when I open windows explorer the label shows Fart, I cannot see the device ID.

If the problem is with the volume label, try changing it to something else then change it back. Im still working on understanding the problem so feel free to share any more information.

Better yet, take a screen shot CTRL-Print Screen and attach it to your next post of both Explorer and DM

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I have the image. How do I post it?

File attached

Okay to this is a label issue, got it ;-).

Try opening cmd.exe with Administrativ privleges, then assign your labels again.

Run: label C: whatever

Of course use your own drive letter and label and let me know if that changes the labels in DM.

Okay. I labelled E: as echo and F: as foxtrot.

Changed in DM but not in WE.

Why is your C: drive called Fart? :)

I was just trying to reproduce the issue, so I was changing my drive labels about, just so happened to land on fart for the duration of this thread ;-). If you right click on the drive in Explorer and click properties the very top field is your drive label. Does this have the old or new drive volume?

Also, you could open task manager and kill the explorer.exe process, which should restart automaticlly to see if that makes a difference. If it does not restart, just click file >> run >> explorer.exe.

In Explorer in Properties it's blank. Killed and restarted explorer, no change

Well in that blank spot you can always put in your label. Since im not by a Win 7 box at the moment I cant play around with the behaviour of volume labels (god work is boring today ;-) )

I will play around with it a little later on tonight to see if I can reproduce the effect you are having.

I spent a good 30 min trying to reproduce the problem your having with no success. The only other thing I can possibly think of is removing the drive label altogether and then setting it again. Otherwise, we are going to have to wait for someone more wise than I.

It's peculiar. My understanding from DOS is that the label is written to the disk so it should show up the same in WE and DM. I'll boot into safe mode with a command prompt and see what shows up.

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There are Autorun.inf files on the drives I am labeling. I think that could be something to do with it. I can't get into them.

I think it is something with the system thinking SATA drives are ReadyBoost Devices

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OK, after booting into Safe Mode and much fiddling with the security tabs, rolling up of the left trouser leg, handstands, et cetera, I managed to get into Autorun .inf. It was empty. I deleted it. Correct label now shows up in WE.

It seems the OS assigned the SATA drives as ReadyBoost Devices. I had not used the ReadyBoost feature.

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