Windows 7 Drive not accessible


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Hello there, I am running Windows 7 on the partition that I labeled "Win7Beta". The drive letter appears in Windows Vista as "W" drive. (I am running Windows Vista and Windows 7 Beta on the same computer, but different partitions.) Also in Vista, the Local Disk appears as "C" drive and the Recovery Partition appears as "D" drive.

When I boot into Windows 7 and go into My computer (aka "Computer), the drive that appears in Vista as "Local Disk" does not appear. The partition that appears in Vista as Win7Beta "W" drive still appears in Windows 7, but as the Local Disk "C" drive. The recovery partition still appears the way it should.

Is there a way I can access my Vista partition in Windows 7 without seriously screwing something up? (Other people use this computer as well).

Thanks very much.

P.S. Also, my front audio line out does not work in Windows 7, but that's no big deal; the rear does work.

Dual booting between Vista and Windows7

I always thought it was a careless mistake that both dual boot partitions were visible in Vista. I glad to see they fixed that in Windows 7.
If I had read you post correctly, the problem is that your Vista installation in on "C" drive and when you boot to Windows 7 it automatically changes its drive to "C" as well, causing a conflict. So boot to Windows 7 and right click "Computer" and click "Manage". Select "Disk management" on the left and you should see the missing drive in there. Simply give your Vista drive another letter and it should fix your problem.