Drive not showing in Device Manager

Hello again ,

I was just wondering about a drive not showing in Drive Manager.

I have three HDD and they show up just fine in the BIOS . The drive

that is not showing in my Device Manager are the 400 Gig and 1500 Gig.

But I am running my OS on my 320 Gig , which in neither in Device Manager

nor in Disc Manager (the area where you can delete partition format in Windows etc) .

I have the 320 and 1500 on my red SATA connector on my Board and the 400 on the black connector. Had no problems not seeing them before , just wondering how windows is not detecting the drive since they are visible in the BIOS and just working normally.

May I have changed a setting in the BIOS that let's the one 320 drive not be detected in Windows 7 all of a sudden ?

Any help would be appreciated ,




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First, restart the computer and check again.

1. Check if the firmware of the drive is up to date. What drive is it?

2. See if DM is on View "Devices by type" to start with. Setting it to View "Devices by connection" should let you see the SATA drive.

3. The short of it, you'll need to go into device manager and uninstall the SATA drive and then reinstall it using "Scan For Hardware Changes" This is how:

4. When you boot up is there a card bios keyboard shortcut, that you have to select in order to initialise the sata disk?
The card manufacturers help file should explain, and also detail whether any specific drivers are required.

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It's the 320 drive in question,

how do I check the firmware again for a particular drive ?

Thank you


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Go to the website of the Drive manufacturer. You should be able to find it there. If you need help, tell me your exact make and model.

It's the ST3320613AS Serial number = 6sz02nhw Revision is SD22

I tried checking but the seagate site breaks up and it doesn't bring me anywhere .

any help would be great


thank you very much

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