drive recognition

Hey all

so I threw my bucket drive in today, segate 750, bios sees it, along with the optical and raid

my computer does not list it

next step ?

Assign a drive letter(s) to it or its partitions.

Right click Computer in the start menu or a Computer shortcut, choose manage. Go to Disk Management in the opened screen.

If it's not there, install the correct RAID or BASE driver if attached to a RAID card.

of coourse

brand new drive, needs to be formally introduced to the system

been along time since Ive seen that screen


I made it a simpl;e volume, what it spanned ?

Spanned is when 2 or more hard drives are combined together to appear as 1 physical hard drive to the OS.

For example, if you had a 40 GB drive and an 80 GB drive, you can set them as spanned, then set a drive letter for it.

This drive letter would then have a total capacity of 120 GB (probably closer to 110 GB due to formatting etc... when all is said and done.)

The danger in this is that if one of the 2 or more hard drives fail, then you would lose all data on all drives. With special tools and lots of effort though, data can be recovered.

big drive is in
did image and backup to it
have repair disc made

want to redo raid as mirrored, and reinstall OS clean
want to preserve browser settings etc

best way ??

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