Driveimage XML Windows 7 Thinkpad T410 restore problem

Have used my Ultimate Boot CD for WinXP to backup/restore WinXP laptops using the built in Driveimage XML v2.02 program. However, when I went to backup a new Thinkpad T410 Win7 PC I see there's a C: boot partition and a E: data partition. I've backed up both and tried to restore first E: and then C: but I get a boot error that wants to recover using a Win7 CD. Unfortunately the OEM Win7 CD that comes with the T410 doesn't give you any recovery options, it just wants to reload the factory image.

I'm trying to figure out if the boot problem after the restore is a Win7 / Driveimage XML issue or a Thinkpad T410 issue. Does anyone have any advice?


Duh, just restore the E: drive (don't touch C:) and it works fine.

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