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I am a complete newbie to Windows 7 RC. I am running Windows 7 Build 7100 which I thought was the final RC before release? Well, I am having allot of issues with it and older software working together. I thought that was one of the major things they were going to fix? I tried installing an older version of Norton Systemworks but it would not function properly because of incompatible drivers. So, I tried uninstalling it, and it would not completely uninstall. Allot of the program is still there, I am still getting the incompatible driver messages on boot-up and allot of the programs files are still left on the hard drive. I tried removing the remainder of the files from the hard drive and went into the registry to remove all mention of it from there, but still have the same issues. And I cannot get rid of Norton Ghost even after manually removing the files.

Also I installed Adobe CS4 (the full suite) and tried to uninstall it, and still have issues with that. I am almost to the point of wiping the disc clean and reinstalling Windows 7. But this time I want to try the x32 version since allot of my older software is 32 bit anyway.

I also cannot get the printer drivers for my large format Xerox to work even though I went to the Xerox web site and downloaded the Windows 7 drivers.

I am beginning to hate this Windows 7 as much as Vista... this is sad because I was just about to upgrade all my computers to 7 (10 in all).

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.


Yes you're right, a release candidate is one of the final stages of testing, then comes an RTM (Release to manafacturing) and thats it. Regarding your problem, did you install a 64-bit version of Windows, and try to install 32-bit software? Because most almost all of drivers have seperate 32 and 64-bit versions, regarding uninstalling programs, thats odd, try downloading CCleaner and using their uninstall utility. If none of this works, try re-installing Windows 7 32-bit.

Hope this helps, Jack

Hi Jack,
I have Win7 x64 installed... and yes the CS4 I was trying to install is 32 bit. I do not have a copy of 32 bit Win 7... how can I get a copy of it?

I finally got tired of all the problems with installing or uninstalling apps so that I did a reinstall of the Win 7 I have.

It's weird, at home I am running VISTA Ultimate x64 and everything installed fine without any issues.

Thanks for your suggestions,


You're out of luck if you haven't already downloaded the 32-BIT version of Windows 7 RC or RTM, Microsoft has stopped offering the download now that Windows 7 has been released. I'm afraid it's back to Windows Vista until you get Windows 7 through the mail.

Hope this Helps, Jack

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