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Dear everyone,

I hope someone could help me about this annoying little driver that keep reappering in System32\drivers and causing BSOD all the time.

I have a Windows 7 Professional SP1 (German language, university licence... maybe those are important) and I regularly encounter BSODs because of a file called "hidjedfi.sys" (in the attachment as zip). After that I restart on safe mode, either rename or delete the file and my computer runs okay. Till about about two weeks, when that thing installs itself back and the whole process starts again.

I was not able to find information about this driver, Sophos Anti-Virus says it is no virus.

Do anyone know what it is? Is there a way I can prevent it reappearing (I turned Windows updates off, but it did not help)?

Thanks in advance



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I don't know what the file is, and I probably won't be opening it since you seem to describe as a virus. But the "hid" will normally start off files related to human interface devices. Such things as keyboards or mice might use such files.

You should be able to right click the file and look at its properties on the Details tab and get more info..

If the file is being reloaded, It might be coming from on your system where another utility is used to replace it, or maybe even Windows Update. If it is Windows Update, you can hide the update so it won't load, or even turn off all driver updates until you get it straightened out. If it were to be something starting on your system, you might check msconfig.exe to see if something might be loading on startup and replacing the driver and uncheck it to keep it from loading.

Also, removing some items in safe mode might help.

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You can send suspicious files to Virus Total and it will get scanned by many different AV programs.


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I was thinking the file was a driver for a Star Wars type device.. :)

But the extension is .sysh but I don't remember if that is a C++ header file or what...

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I couldn't find any reference to hidjedfi.sysh anyplace on the net.
Except for finding this post.

If this was a driver of some sort I can't imagine that it wouldn't show up some place.

The extension .sysh seems to be a kind of German version of .sys but doesn't really show up in any normal way either.
Maybe this will mean something to you?

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Try running Malwarebytes and see if it finds anything.
It's about the best malware scanner out there.

Run it in safe mode...

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