Driver for HP 2600n color laserjet


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Tryed my software no good, worked fine under XP and Vista. Anyone else have problem installing? How did you get it to work I'm frustrated been fighting this since yesterday.
HP has no windows 7 driver for 2600n also this printer isnt listed in the add printer HP list of drivers.

any help appreciated


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How I made my Color Laserjet 2600n (networked) work under Windows 7 Pro

Hopefully, you have found your answer, but if not, this worked for me:

Going to post this out here in the hopes it may help others who have the 2600n Printer. It might work for other printers, too...not sure.

Situation: I had just completed a new PC build, and installed Windows 7 (64bit). I was unable to print to my Laserjet 2600n printer (networked). Could print just fine to a direct connect LJ3050 (USB). Print jobs (like the Print Test Page function) simply hung in the queue forever.

Roamed a number of forums, and did not find a definitive answer, that worked. Here are the steps I ultimately went through, and the printer is now working.

1) Somewhere someone noted that they had success by using the PnP printer driver HP has posted here:
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Granted, this driver is only designed for direct connected USB setup. I went ahead though and carried my printer from where it was connected to the network, over to where my PC was. Ran the driver install process, and waited until it asked me to connect the printer. All completed well, and test pages would print.

2) Then, I tried to get it connect to the network, by trying to create a new network port (standard TCP port) and supplying the IP Address. Still no joy.

3) Decided to try to tell Windows I was adding a "local" printer. Thus, steps, Press Start>Devices and Printers>Add a printer>Add a local printer. Select "Create a new port" and select "Standard TCP/IP Port" from the adjacent dropdown choices. Click Next.

4) Enter IP address of the printer in the "Hostname or IP address:" box.

5) Provide a port name that makes sense to you.

6) Unchecked the box "Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use." Not sure if this helped or not....but that is what I did. I did not want the printers doing anything to "help" given it had not helped thus far. :)

7) On the "Install the printer driver" dialog box, I found the 2600n under HP (Manufacturer) and selected that printer (the driver should have been there from your previous USB direct connect driver install, from above). Scroll down under "Printers" to find "HP Color LaserJet 2600n" (at least, that is what I clicked). Then click Next.

8) On the "Which version of the driver do you want to use?" dialog box, I chose "Replace the current driver" (again, wanted nothing to do with what already had not proven successful). Click Next.

9) Enter the name you would like to use on the "Type a printer name" dialog box. Click next.

10) I personnally chose "Do not share this printer" on the Printer Sharing dialog screen. Then, I clicked Next.

11) When I got the "....Success....." screen, I pressed the "Print a test page" button, and voila. It worked.

Your actual experience may vary. I am running Windows 7 Professional, so I hope you may be able to translate the above, to your version, if it varies.


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Re: How I made my Color Laserjet 2600n (networked) work under Windows 7 Pro

Thank you very much for this info it has helped me out alot and i now have access to my 2600n on the network thank you,thank you,thank you

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Go to Hewlett Packard - Enter the product name / number. Be sure to check the additional information, like how to install the driver or troubleshooting guides.

Hope this information helps you.