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Mar 5, 2013
Hi I have an old ati firemv 2200 dual monitor card which was all I needed until I upgraded to W8 I have re installed the card and connected the monitors but all I get is the same image on both screens...when I checked the device manager it doesn't even show up there. the win7 driver and catalyst install but do nothing as far as I can see...The log after installing shows its found the card (I think) the AMD site doesn't seem to do a win 8 driver, any ideas guys or is it time for a new dual head card? which would be the best card for my dell OptiPlex machine...thanks in advance..
Hi Kemical

No joy unfortunately, I must be doing something wrong, have installed the 32 bit drivers but the card still isn't being seen by the system....I have restarted the system and run detect new effect, perhaps its time for a new card..
Hey antdrew, checking out the cards specs from, I see it's a PCIe card. Make sure you have the card in the right PCIe x 16 slot and that it's firmly seated. You don't list what kind of mobo you have, so I can't verify the slot for you.

PC is a dell GX620, a few years old now, I have checked and reseated the card.....its working in a fashion...I can get extended desktop using the onboard monitor output and one of the fire mv the device manager it shows the onbard display driver and another display adapter which must be the firemv...see screen shot...have installed the 32 bit drivers and no change whatso ever... screenshot.jpg
Checking out your system from Dell.... Drivers & Downloads | Dell US ... I see that that it only lists XP, 2000 and NT. Which tells me you'll be hard-pressed to find any drivers that will be compatible with windows 8 on that system.

In your picture you posted, you can clearly see that there is an issue with your video driver...I'm guessing it's with your onboard graphics.

I'm thinking it's time for a new graphics card, but keep in mind your PSU limations. If you get the latest and greatest GPU, your current PSU might not be able to power it.
Have you tried disabling your integrated graphics from the BIOS? Sometimes there are conflicts between onboard graphics and graphics cards.

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The thread is 7 months old. I think the op may have solved the problem
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