Driver Issue: Acer Aspire 6530 Synaptics Touchpad

I have recently purchased an Acer Aspire 6530 laptop, which comes shipped with Windows Vista x86. I promptly made the restore DVDs, and installed Windows 7 x64, with no issues, except, one rather important one: the TouchPad driver does not work.

When Windows first booted, the driver that comes with Windows worked fine. You did not get the scroll functionallity from the side of the pad, which is meant to act like a scroll, but it recognized movement and the two click buttons. After getting on the internet, Windows automatically went out and found the Synaptics TouchPad driver for me.

Now, according to Device Manager, the driver will function after a restart. TouchPad works fine, go to restart, driver is applied, and.. nothing. The mouse will not move. Any USB mouse if plugged in works fine, but the click buttons and the movement on the pad do nothing.

If you go into Device Manage and uninstall the device, the TouchPad works again! It seems whatever TouchPad drivers that are loaded with Windows 7 work like a charm, besides the built in scroll area, work wonderfully, but the driver that it automatically downloads/installs on boot does not after restarting and applying that driver, even though the device is fully functional according to Device Manager.

Is there any way to FORCE the built in Windows 7 drivers, or a known fix to get the normal ones to work? Does this have to do with 64bit vs 32bit at all?

Note: I have downloaded the driver from the Acer website for Vista and ran it in compadibility mode for Vista, with no change, so it is not just the one Win is automatically finding.

Note2: I tried booting without any internet connection after disabling the driver, but Windows went ahead and installed the driver anyway. It was either still downloaded, or in fact comes with 7 and is not gotten through Windows Update, but is not installed initially? Plug and play is weird sometimes =/.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You can uninstall the synaptics updates. :
Control panel. (icon view) - Programs and features - Over on the left "View installed updates". Right click the synaptic updates and uninstall them.

Next. Control Panel - System. Over on the left "Adanced system settings". Click the hardware tab and then "Device installation Settings " Click No, let me decide what to do" - Save changes.

When, and if, the synaptic updates are offered again, right click and choose to hide the update and you will not be bothered with it again.


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I believe you have posted the same request on

It is an excellent site, very similar to this one but thankfully without the water cooler mass entries. However, the advice there is pointing to another driver. If you are happy with the one that came with the installation, and my suggestion above works, then best leave it at that.

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