Driver issues when installing win7

I'm attempting to install windows 7 ultimate on a desktop. It's a dual core AMD, 2 gigs of ram, etc. It has a DVD drive out of a HP a640N, which HP says is a Philips DVD8401 (this is a IDE drive, not SATA). I mention this because after I select my language and keyboard type, after it says "starting setup" for a very long time, I come to a screen that says "A driver for a CD/DVD drive is missing, please insert a USB drive or CD with the driver on it" or something to that effect. I have tried downloading all the drivers from the HP site and putting them on a DVD and having it search that, but to no avail. I am rather confused to how it can't find a driver for a device it is seemingly using just fine.
I have installed win 7 from this DVD before with no problem on my HP Tx2 tablet, so I doubt it's the DVD.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Here are pictures of the two places it is hanging up and taking forever to get through, and the spot where it runs into the driver issue.


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Could you install Windows 7 from a flash drive and remove the DVD drive before the installation, then reinstall it afterwards?

A little tricky to get the USB drive setup to boot the setup, but follow these instructions and you'll be fine:
Install Windows 7 From USB Drive/Pen Drive

Hey There,

I'm having the very same issues with the driver claim on installation.

I followed the instructions on booting to a USB device and completed them all without problem. I switched my BIOS (I'm running a sony vaio VGN-FW285D) primary boot to "External Device" (only options are DVD, HDD, "External Device", and the ability to install via network - though this is a home PC).

Anyhew, the computer won't boot to the USB external HDD for some reason despite following the steps to the letter. I should note that I did add a folder to the external device that houses my backed up files in preparation for the upgrade - though I've never heard of that being an issue, I've also never booted to a USB device before.

I should also point out that I'm switching from 64bit Vista Home Premium to 32bit Seven Ultimate - not sure if that's going to cause these issues.

Also, when attempting to run the Setup.exe from inside windows it makes some noise about a DLL file being either corrupt or not designed for use in windows. I'll post the error message later when I'm home from work.



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So you were or weren't able to install via usb?

Sorry, should have said that...

No, I've not been able to install.

Attempting to install through the CD results in the same issue as akjax.

And after getting the USB drive setup for boot as per the link didn't work out for me as described in my second and third paragraph above.

I did not remove DVD drive from the laptop, but the laptop didn't recognize the USB drive for boot anyway. When I'm back home from work I'll go through it all again to see if there's anything I missed, or anyway I can be more specific.

So, I'm back from work and here's the error details: I APOLOGIZE for the length, just trying to be thorough...

When attempting to install from within Windows itself. I insert the Windows7 disk into the DVD drive, open it and click on Setup.exe (I have autoplays disabled on my vista os). When attempting to run Setup.exe the following error is thrown:

"H:\Sources\SPWIZENG.DLL is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try Installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support"
When clicking OK the following appears:
"The file autorun.dll could not be loaded or is corrupt. Setup cannot continue. Error Code is [0xC1]"
This is when I thought "Well, maybe it's the 32bit install having problems with the 64bit OS, OR maybe because this isn't an upgrade version it isn't designed to run under an OS environment", hence the attempt to install by reboot and letting the MOBO boot from the DVD.

Booting from the DVD gets me into the "Install Now" splash screen. Clicking "Install Now" will bring me to an area to setup my language and keyboard setup. Clicking "Next" from there brings me to akjax's problem. This time I clicked on "browse" to find these "drivers" - the Install program recognizes my computer, reads that I have a 300GB HDD with two partitions on it (they are listed as separate drives, one for 10gb one for 290gb), an external USB HDD of 500gb and a CD/DVD-ROM drive. I can even browse these drives and look through the directories for the driver. I downloaded the driver for the device, even copied the driver files off the Vista OS itself, to the USB drive into the root folder - when selecting this folder in the driver menu I get an error saying "no appropriate drivers were found for the device".

So this is what brought me here, and ultimately to setting up my USB HDD to boot as outlined in my other posts - which was ultimately unsuccessful. I'm certain I followed every step to the letter for setting the USB drive for boot, but I haven't given it a second go yet.

Drew: I was planning on a full clean install, yes.

UPDATE: A friend has a Windows 7 Pro disk and for reference sake I attempted to try that DVD to see if it would at least return the same errors. The Pro disk opened fine under windows and did not ask me for any drivers when attempting install off a boot. Unfortunately my key is for Windows 7 Ultimate.

Difference between the two disks: The Pro disk is a "for distribution with new PC only" disk. The Ultimate Disc I'm using is burned off an MSDN downloaded ISO.

And that's my whole story :)

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