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Windows 7 "Driver Power State Failure" BSOD on shutdown


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Jan 17, 2009

Shutdown takes a very long time (5 minutes+), then crashes with above error.

Also had a shutdown fail (or at least, terminated after 15 minutes plus). MAY have been during a scheduled anti-virus scan by VIPRE - at least there was activity on an external drive not initiated by me! Can't provide any more information than that, I'm afraid!

Let me know if there are any other diagnostics I can try.
I've installed Windows 7 on my laptop, and it has blue screened with the same error twice now... :( I hope it doesn't happen tomorrow as I'll be DJ'in with my laptop in front of 100-200 people... I though that would be a good test for the new opperating system. Appart from the crash which I hope will get fixed, I love the new Windows! :)
Seems like a problem with a device driver.. Might want to check the Device Manager (go to start and type devmgmt.msc in the search box) then look for a red X or yellow triangle beside any of the devices. Post your findings please. Also, The only Anti-virus programs that are compatible with Windows 7 are AVG, Kapersky and avast! so you might want to look into that as well
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BSOD with driver_power_state_failure

I, too, have been getting the BSOD with the driver_state_power_failure error, with a stop code of 0x9. Device Manager doesn't show any red X's on anything. I've disabled the Firewire device, since I'm not using it, as well as the onboard modem. I removed the expired Norton 360, and still had a BSOD hit. Four BSOD's tonight, after a few weeks without.

Any suggestions are welcome. Forgive my berevity, as I'm sur this will go Blue Screen on me at any moment. I can probably get some of the minidumps off if that will help diagnose the situation, too.

Oh, and this happens while actively using the laptop. No change in power state that I can think of.

wow thread rez from months ago, maybe I should read the dates >.<
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