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:confused: Does anybody use or know about "Driver Magic- Symplis IT Corp."? Sounds nice. How much do they charge? Do people care about that kind of service?


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There are a number of utilitys like this around that check for driver updates as well as game patches. If you find these kind of tools handy then by all means use them. Personally though I prefer to get the updates myself which I then copy to disk.
As for paying for the service.. Don't!


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They do claim to locate and install the new driver(s) with a simple walk you through it. There is something I don't like, they claim legal title over the merchandise (drivers), and they do charge. How much I don't know.


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Sounds like a big waste of money and unsafe. The best way to update your drivers is to find out what your device is, use the Device Manager, and get the driver from official source.

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