Drivers for SONY DVD RW DW-D18A ATA Device

I am looking for drivers for:

I have downloaded the drivers directly from sony's website itself but Windows 7 does not recognize!

Thanks to all that help !! :eek:

Well i answered my own question! I called Sonys support line and asked them about my computer model which is PCV-1154 ( VGC-RA716G ) Desktop! I was told the computer was made for Windows Xp/Vista and those will be the only drivers released for this model!

You can download and install any drivers on there website and hope they work with windows 7, but if they don't your out of luck! Funny part about the Sony support rep was if i wanted a computer to work with windows 7 i can go buy a NEW Sony Vaio Desktop that was MADE FOR WINDOWS 7 how selfish of them! Hope everyone else has better luck with there Sony Drivers!

The Audio and Video drivers do work with windows 7 have already installed and am using, but i cant put any flipping software(DVD/Blank Discs) in my CD drives because there not recognized UGHHHHHH :( !


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You normally do not need any special drivers to get an optical device to work in Win 7.

If you check Device Manager, does the DVD show up, and does it have a yellow mark if it does?

Are there any chipset drivers for your system for Win 7?

Have you checked for any Bios updates?

Thanks for trying to help me find a solution appreciate it :eek: !

Yes under device manager both the DVD Rom & DVD RW have Yellow Explanations marks next to it !


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I will assume the DVDs are PATA or IDE as they might be called. I will also assume you have the Pata controller turned on in the bios.

If the are IDE, you probalby have one set as master. You might try disconnecting the slave drive and see if the other one can be recognized.

In device manager, you can get Windows to search for devices, so try that also.

Sorry i didn't explain in detail what windows was saying about my device's earlier i was running late for work this morning just posted a quick post!

Quoted straight from windows after clicking DVD devices in device manager:

"Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)"

I will try what you have stated above and relay back to you. My devices are IDE btw and BIOS are all enabled, thanks again for the help!

I also noticed that i kind of miss-typed what my problem was. The devices are recognized by windows 7 just not being enabled do to error above.

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This may be one of those Upper or Lower Filters situations. I will try to find what has to be altered in the registry. If you want to look, just Google for upper filters or lower filters.

You can check this link at Microsoft, but it is late and I did not check it for compatibility.

Well i feel incompetent i actually had Google searched the upper and lower value fix tutorial and had it bookmarked before you posted it, just hadn't sat down and tried it yet! LOL

The problem is fixed now thanks for the help saltgrass :eek: !

Here are the 2 links i used:
UpperFilters LowerFilters - How to Delete the UpperFilters and LowerFilters Registry Values
Device Class - Device Class GUIDs for Popular Types of Hardware

It explains that under Regedit (run) the value folder 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 is for CD/DVD drivers. Just open sub folders and delete the upper and lower filter files. Now mine only had LowerFilter Files just deleting these alone and restarting fixed both drives!

Thanks again SaltGrass :razz:!

If anyone has similar problems those links above explain in detail what to do if your having trouble post about it in here and i can walk people through it, but there pretty self explanatory!

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