Windows 7 Drivers from Vista to Seven


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I have a graphic card in Windows Vista (Radeon 9200 Series) and Vista had drivers for it. But in Windows 7, they aren't there. Because ATI doesn't support it in Windows 7, I've to use the XP driver from ATI website, but when I want to shutdown the computer, I see a BSOD. Is there any way, how to get the drivers from Windows Vista installation disc and use them in Windows 7?

Thank you
Theoretically, all Vista drivers work for Win 7 (MS did this to make transitioning to Win 7 as painless as possible since you shouldn't have issues of not having drivers for your Vista machine when you upgrade to Win 7).

I would uninstall the drivers you currently have, then run Windows Update (it found drivers for my video card). If that doesn't find any drivers, then get the Vista drivers for your video card and install those.
get the latest update through windows update, It is more likely that win7 drivers are not a full version and still being upgraded.