Drivers not working, re-install isn't helping

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    My Windows Security Essentials decided to delete the wdf01000.sys file because it detected a trojan in it,which ofcourse caused a few problems. It meant that lots of my drivers have ceased to work, most annoyingly the keyboard and sound drivers. I added a new wdf01000.sys file from a backup i had of it, and re-added the registry for it, however the driver issues have remained even after re-installing them. I ran a scan and will attach the CBS text file to this post. If anyone can help me out, i'd appreciate it. The laptop functions normally apart from the driver issues. (they appear to be there just not functioning) PS. There is no remaining trojan, i have scanned using malwarebytes on top of MSE.

    Edit: the attach feature isn't working so i uploaded it here

    Extra Info:
    OS: Windows home basic 32 bit
    Laptop: Acer Aspire 5739G
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