hey, now i know that windows 7 is supposed to have some super-duper driver detection, but i am have a really hard time trying to find a driver for my marvell top dog wireless card.
maybe i am really missing something or maybe there isnt one yet
i tried installing the vista version, but it didnt work

im dual booting vista/windows 7 so connection isnt a problem, but it would be cool if i could run windows7 independently
231gb hard drive: 145gb vista, 39gb windows7, 7gb recovery for vista, and 40 unallocated
3gb ram
intel core2 duo


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If the vista version doesn't work, you're kinda boned for now. There are VERY FEW 7 drivers out, so most people have been using Vista drivers for everything....


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I found this. Maybe worth a go?
1. Open this link in a new tab of your web browser: Download Marvell TOPDOG 802.11n/g/b Wireless Driver Driver for Windows Vista - Softpedia

2. Download the driver package to your 'desktop' or 'software' folder of your choice.

3. Double-click on the install file to install the driver package. (***IF WINDOWS TELLS YOU THE DRIVERS DON'T HAVE SIGNATURES AND ASKS IF YOU REALLY WANT TO INSTALL THEM, TELL THE OS 'YES'!)

4. After install, please reboot your laptop.

5. Navigate down into the Netgear folder in the Programs folder on the root of hard drive and you should be able to find a file in there called 'NetMW14x.inf'. Right click on this file and choose 'Install'.

6. Now go into the 'Device Manager' and double-click on the '?' adapter with the yellow question mark showing the hardware you've been pulling your hair out over. Choose to update the driver and take total control by demanding to choose the driver yourself Choose 'NetGear' for the maufacturer and 'WNT311 Wireless PCI adapter' as the device. Once again, XP will ask if it's OK to install the driver because it doesn't have a signature; tell Windows 'yes'.

ok davehc, ill give it a try

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