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    I had problems when I installed windows 8 (it had installed its self on the whole hdd and not portioned.) And so I reinstalled windows 7 with trial and error and I got it up and running the problem is I cannot get access to the internet. It says I have no ethernet drivers. Can anyone help?
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    Did you get a driver disk with your computer?
    If you did look on there, since you don't have an internet connection Windows can't look for them during installation.

    If you don't have a disk try and figure out what device drivers you need and download them on another computer.

    You can also try removing your Ethernet Controller in Device Manager and rebooting.
    Let Windows go through the whole install process for the controller again and maybe it will find them.

    If you wan't to install Windows 8 on a partition start the install by booting from the DVD and select Custom.
    It will then ask you where you want to install it, I don't think it gives you that option if you install from inside Windows 7.

    I haven't been able to get it to install on my computer so far, it gets to a certain spot and then the desktop disappears to black and that's it.
    I don't think it's loading my video drivers, I'll work on that tomorrow.

    Good luck.

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    if you know the model of your PC, you can then go to the manufacturer's website and look for drivers for your model PC and load them on to a flash drive or cd and install them that way. If they don't have Windows 7 or Vista drivers, you could try getting the newest driver they have for it and run it in compatibility mode.

    If that doesn't work you could put your PC model here and I can check the specs and see what driver you need.


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