Windows 7 DRM in W7 -- only Blu Ray so far


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Jan 20, 2009
Hi guys
Other than the standard "DRM" Crud in WMA files it appears that the only extra DRM stuff that will appear in the final of W7 is for the BLU RAY activation -- Why on Earth we have to go through this stuff to be able to play your own legally purchased DVD's I just can't understand -- If I'm travelling with a Laptop (and wasn't that the original) purpose of a laptop -- computing on the move) why shouldn't I be allowed to play a Blu Ray DVD on it whilst I'm sitting on a Long Boring flight from say LA to NY or London.

Anyway to DRM haters it's mixed news - No extra DRM crud in W7 apart from the Blu Ray stuff
Well as I prefer using small laptops when travelling this won't bother me too much but on a Desktop with one of those nice large Apple Cinema displays (or better) this stuff could really infuriate me and drive me towards torrents where the Blu Ray activation seems to have been cracked already.

(Doesn't the music / Film industry EVER Learn).

Anyway here's the source article -- in German again but you can use Babelfish to translate. This German site is actually a very good informed source of reliable Windows rumours. -- Title means DRM in Windows 7 - no ground for worry.

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