Windows 7 DRM License acquisition problem (relicensing)


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I can no longer play my DRM protected music files in WMP. Each time I attempt to play a file, the Media Usage Rights Acquisition popup program fails to load the website.

The DRM is working, because I downloaded a protected test file that played fine. I tried reinstalling WMP 12, but that didn't help.

This happened since moving to Windows 7 (from Vista) - using the clean install method.

EDIT: Its only purchased music & albums that aren't relicensed. Music ripped from a protected CD that needs a license opens up a webpage in IE.

Just as a side note, I think we would be better off if our licences were stored on a cloud.
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It would be better if there was no DRM ;)

Unfortunately, I do not have an answer to this problem. Have you considered using Spotify or Google Music All Access?


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My first thought would be the new install has not been authorized by the seller to play the content. Do you still have the Vista Hard Drive, or a backup of it?

I suppose going to the original site of purchase does not have an option to renew the licenses or re-authorize the computer?

Do you happen to remember what the terms of the licenses were and what was said about being able to renew the licenses on a new install?

And on a side note, aren't your licenses already in the cloud since they are on the sellers site? If you can't get them renewed from that site, it seems the chance of the same thing happening to your personal cloud is about the same.


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If you did an upgrade and not a fresh install, it is feasible that the licensing information is still there from the Vista install, it just needs imported somehow into the Windows 7 install. I wonder if you can't get free MS support to explain the situation and provide a solution, as many users are facing this issue apparently.