Drop down disappears when you move the mouse pointer over it

I have an issue where the Drop Down menu to select meeting times in Outlook is not working. I'm unable to select meeting times via the mouse and must type them in. I have tested this and found that the drop down disappears when you move the mouse pointer over it. I have only been able to get it to work by left clicking and holding the mouse button down while I hover over the drop down list.

Note: This does not appear to be an Outlook issue as I also have the same problem with the Windows system Tray. The system tray icons disappear when I move the mouse pointer over them.

I was able to find a work around by simply accessing "Control Panel\Ease of Access\Ease of Access Center\Make the mouse easier to use" and simply hitting ok but I'm trying to identify the root cause of this issue so if anyone has any insight, that would be helpful.


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Perhaps if you could provide some specifics regarding your system, especially your mouse. Manufacturer Name, Model Name, Model Number, Interface Type (serial, ps2, USB, BlueTooth, Wireless, etc.,) someone may have some ideas as to what might be going on. Does your mouse require a specific driver? Are you using the latest driver version number and date? Have you considered using device manager to uninstall it and reboot?

Thanks for your reply. The mice being used is a regular USB mouse (Microsoft or HP) with no specific drivers required. I didn't want to mention this in my initial post for the purpose of simplicity but the main issue we're having is with our VDI workstations however I've seen the same issues on a regular laptop so don’t believe this to be solely a VDI issue. I tried running a registry scan to see what the ease of access is modifying and haven't been able to come up with anything useful.

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